2BOP back at Baseline!
Wednesday, September 02

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It may be surprising to some of our newer supporters that we put stock into a store like Baseline, and on top of that, that a store like Baseline would choose to stock a so called non-skate brand.

Two things:

  • What even is a skate brand? Is it a brand whose founders and directors skated and were influenced by skate culture throughout their formative years and who choose to bring that influence into everything they do without having to talk kak about it all the time? If so then we are most definitely a skate brand. If not, maakie saakie, pigeonholing is so not gnarly dude…
  • Baseline was actually the first store we ever put stock into. No kak.

Awe, Baseline pulled us out of the doldrums of irrelevance and threw us into the kind of light that only a well-timed 5 Panel drop in the right store on the right street could shed. LMIMP jokes! But we definitely have mad respect for the brasse!

 Keeping a store alive is no joke, and doing it for 15 years means you’re no joke – from humble beginnings pushing a Circa-esque aesthetic low down on Long Street, to the world class skate store on the city’s most glamorous stretch (LOL), Baseline is truly one of the corner stones of Cape Town clothing culture, and with the fall of the beloved Smith & Abrahams, they are certainly the forerunners in terms of bringing exciting, new and straight up JAS product into the country.

 We are proud to say that select items from our Darkphase 2 collection are available both in-store and online in one of the country’s best and most befokte stores!